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Analogs of couplings for Afimilk milk analyzers
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Couplings Ø23 mm and Ø19x23 mm are made of food grade rubber. Used on Afimilk dairy equipment.
Group: Spare parts for Milking equipment
Профили и уплотнители с вулканизированными стыками
Custom order | Only wholesale 
Наше предприятие освоило технологию стыковки профилей и уплотнителей методом вулканизации ( а не склеивания, что мы тоже делаем). Такой технологией в совершенстве на постсоветском пространстве владеем только мы. Сферы: вагоностроение (рефрижераторы), транспортное машиностроение, автопром и трактора...
Group: Rubber profiles
A complex of equipment for the manufacture of used wicker rings SKO 1-82
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Our company implements a set of equipment for the manufacture of wicker rings SKO 1 - 82 with a capacity of 300 tons per month. Used, in good working order, operation completed in July 2021. Equipment set: rollers PD 1500 660 \ 660 PM manufactured in 1995; rollers PD 630 315 \ 315 manufactured in...
Group: Equipment for rubber production and treating
Coupling UDD 05.00.001
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Coupling UDD 05.00.001 For more information, please call: + 375 (177) 927111 + 375 (29) 3381378 sm_borrti@mail. ru
Group: Milk line
Agricultural rubber floorings (rubber mats for cows)
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Comfort agricultural rubber mats (carpet) for cows and other animals. Size: 1770х900х30 (24; 20) mm Weight: 50±5 kg; 40±4 kg; 30±3 kgг; Density: 1, 43 g \ cm3; Surface: non - slip, lower profile - vented (studded); Material: a mixture of vulcanized rubber, including synthetic butadiene - styrene...
Group: Coverings for stables
Teat cup liner DD 00.041.A1
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
  • 1.8 BYN/pcs  - from 1800 pcs
Minimum order cost: 3 240.00 BYN
Teat cup liner DD 00.041.A1 - advanced analog of widely used DD 00.041A, compatible with DAIRYMASTER, Spaggiari 0 \ 528, УЗЭУ - 528, Milkline S. Soft, 503 \ 1 Extraservice equipment. Special rubber mix and an advanced design allow to ensure the most careful functioning of the...
Group: Teat cup liner
Rubber mixtures
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Mixtures of unvulcanized rubber intended for manufacturing various gaskets and other products. Mixtures of working under conditions of limited, medium and high oil resistance to mild acids and alkalis, workable in air and in contact with water.
Group: Rubber mixes
Hub centric ring
In stock | Only wholesale 
We make sealing rings under the jar lids according to the ТУ РБ 00149417.009 - 98 
Group: Rubber sealing rings
Rubber crumb
In stock | Only wholesale 
Rubber crumb of various fractions without impurity. The rubber crumb is used for tennis and football fields with an artificial grass, sports coverings, sport stock, coverings for playgrounds which reduce danger of traumatizing children.
Group: Crumb rubber
Tube vacuum DD 00008
In stock | Only wholesale 
The vacuum tube of DD 00008 is used for connection of a vakuumprovod with the milking machine when milking in molokoprovod.
Group: Milk line
Membranes for separation of fillet from a bone (hip) of a bird
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Own development of our company - a membrane on the basis of natural rubber with the increased wear resistance
Group: Machinery and equipment for the poultry slaughtering
Carpal expander
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
The expander is intended for strengthening of muscles of a hand, is very convenient in operation at the expense of the small sizes. Regular exercises with a carpal expander allow to strengthen muscles of a wrist, fingers and a forearm, promoting strengthening of the successful fellow of a hand,...
Group: Chest expanders
In stock 
Group: Paddings
Plucker rubber fingers
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Plucker fingers are made of wear - resistant and high - quality rubber, and also on the basis of the natural rubber. We make fingers for any equipment (Meyn, Stork, EMF, FCL, etc. ) and different kinds of birds.
Group: Installations for removal of plumage from a bird
Profile pr 199-4
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Profile pr 199 - 4 TU RB 600101927.022 - 2003 weight 1 lm '85
Group: Spare parts for the rail transport


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